“Caught in the Cosmic Web”-Zoe Yin

Modern Masters Arts will present “Caught in the Cosmic web”, an upcoming exhibition by child prodigy artist Zoe Yin on December 15, 2019.

Victoria Yin Brown University Exhibit-02A

“Two-dimensional paintings in ghostly three-dimensional Space”

A new series of radical works by Victoria Yin is exhibiting at List Art Building, Brown University. Working with advanced laser technology, Yin dismounts and re-renders two-dimensional paintings in ghostly three-dimensional spaces, reinvestigating how we perceive spatial relationships, while simultaneously exploring the meanings of ‘machine-made’, mass-production, and industrial art.

Featuring delicate forms that seem suspended, frozen, or drifting in transparent illusory worlds, the pieces evoke an ethereal, yet chilling sense of fragility and vulnerability. These worlds seem close enough to touch and walk into, but are untouchable, confined within their own ‘bubbles’ like parallel universes. The viewer is at the same time, confined to the outside, unable to escape the role as an outsider looking in and is hence overcome with both loneliness and awe at the multitude of worlds of which we are only part of one.